Glutinous Rice with Longan and Coconut Cream (with ice cream) – $10.80

A true Thai original, combining longan fruit with soft sweet dessert rice.

Taro Pearls in Coconut Cream (with ice cream) – $10.80

Thai taro mixed with flour and rolled into tiny bite-sized balles, floating in a sweet and delicious coconut cream soup.

Baked Taro Custard (with ice cream) – $10.80

A baked creamy dessert that’s sweet and smooth, made from Thai taro and coconut.

Pumpkin Custard (with ice cream) – $10.80

A creamy custard made from Thai pumpkin, topped with pieces of pumpkin for extra taste and texture.

Ginko Nuts with Sweet Taro Mousse (with ice cream) – $10.80

A creamy and light sweet Taro Mousse topped with coconut cream and semi-hard ginko nuts, served on a layer of glutinous rice.

Banana Split – $10.80

Banana served with ice cream topped with crushed peanut & syrup.

Banana Flitter – $10.80

Crispy fried banana served with ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce & syrup.

Ice Cream Sundae – $10.80

Choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate scoops of ice cream topped with cream and sundae.

Banana in Coconut Milk – $10.80

Banana slices cooked in sweet coconut milk.

Assorted Beans in Hot or Cold Syrup – $10.80

An assortment of Asian sweet beans in a mild and refreshing syrup, for a dessert that’s high in both protein and taste.

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